HEAVY DUTY 80 HP combo - up to 10" bed height

Model 4412-D

    For the grower with HEAVY-DUTY equipment in mind, this is the one. Model 4412-D is our high-rated Category-2 combo. Includes heavy iron an 80 HP rating. Form beds from 4-in to 10-in high. The smallest Category-2 tractor can form 6" beds. Minimum 50 HP for 8" beds. Minimum 60 HP for 10" beds. Rear gauge wheels are standard equipment for "super floatation" and superior mulch coverage.

l  For 4" to 10" bed height
l  Adjustable 4 to 6 ft mulch width
l  Two furrow shanks w/ shear-bolt safety
  Four 16" shaping disks
l  Easy-loading mulch roll carriage
l  Rear gauge wheels
l  Optional shaper pan poly lining
l  Optional crowned shaper pan
l  Optional guide disks for hillside operation
l  Optional rear shields
l  Optional manual-operated row markers
l  Drip tape application attachments available

2-Year warranty on workmanship & materials

Four shaping disks standard equip.