Secondary or Seedbed Tillage

We view disk harrows as a must-have tool for simple weed control and to cut up residue, but small disks typically do not dig very deep. A worthy disk for seedbed tillage should have a minimum 18 inch blades and built heavy to add weight for better penetration. Disk harrows are somewhat mis-named since they tend to leave grooves and ridges to pulling another harrow is typically needed to level the seedbed. Cultivators equipped with S-Tines can work deep into the seedbed layer and our bed shaper is sized to form 3 - 4 inch high beds into this tillage depth.

Implement Width

Since the the overall width of compact tractors can vary, Garden Series models are offered in two basic widths. The 1060  Toolbar Cultivator is comes with 52" toolbars for a 48" working width or 64" toolbars for 60" working width. If a narrower width is needed, that can be achieved by adjusting the S-tines on the toolbars.

Row Crop Cultivation

Many row crop cultivators attachments like S-tines, spider wheels and beet knives are available to carefully till row crops early or late stages of growth.