Wheel Planters

Wheel Planters feature a steel wheel with a certain number of punches evenly spaced around the wheel to poke holes through plastic mulch and deliver water or starter solution. Seated riders skillfully set plant cells through the holes by hand. When equipped with a tank and plumbing water flow is adjustable and plants are typically given one to two cups each. Though the water wheel was originally popular for transplanting through plastic mulch, it is also an economical choice for planting seeds on bare ground. Planters typically move about 1/2 MPH. Use tractors with a creeper gear or a hydrostatic transmission. The 1116-N and 1216-N Wheel Planters have an adjustable frame to align gauge wheels with tractors wheels or bed furrows. The front toolbars are 52" wide. Install one  or two water wheels. A single wheel can be centered  or offset 9"  to either side. Two wheels have adjustable row spacing from 6" to 18". The basic 1116-N models and 1216-N models have no water tank or plumbing.  A 30-gal Tank Pkg. can be added to either model for more mechanization.