Mulch Layers

Plastic mulch can be used with raised beds or on-the-flat, which needs to be well drained. Plastic mulch will produce a greenhouse effect to warm the soil but most also choose it for weed control. Using a mulch layer to lay plastic mulch will save time and energy otherwise spent for mechanical and manual cultivation to achieve the same results. Other benefits achieved by using a mulch layer to lay plastic mulch is moisture retention and fruit protection. Plastic mulch will act as a barrier to rain so drip tape irrigation will be needed. Mulch Layer and Bed Shaper widths are coordinated. The 1023 Mulch Layer for 36: mulch rolls is used with the 24" bed top and the 48" model is used with the 36" bed top. Either can be used on flat land and feature opening boards to form trenches, and tuck wheels to hold down mulch edges and covering disks to cover mulch edges. Minimum mulch or bed row spacing (center to center) for 36" mulch is 42" and minimum spacing for 48" mulch is 54".